Moving Into Aliveness

with Dea Luvon


 Every part of us is connected to every other part - bodies, minds, feelings, spirits, all intertwined.  Moving Into Aliveness seeks to explore and understand all of these aspects by looking at and working with the body.  We come into our body in the present moment, then observe where our life energy is flowing and where it is blocked. With the use of physical movements and exercises, as well as space to experience and share the emotional aspects of the process, we begin to move stuck energy, finding expression and release. 


Moving Into Aliveness is a safe, confidential space where people can explore, listen deeply within, and allow whatever needs to emerge to emerge.  With consistent practice, you can experience:


  • greater flexibility (in body and soul)

  • grounding (in self and in the world)

  • using breath and heartbeat to connect with the pulsation of your being

  • being more in touch with your emotions

  • letting go of internal resistance (blocks)


The exercises will open a path for a person to move through their life more connected to themselves and to the truth of their own being, acting and thinking with more authenticity and presence. 

Workshops & Sessions

Group Sessions

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Private Session

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What is Core Energetics?

  • Core Energetics work helps a person to become aware of their resistances to living fully. The person must then be willing to release their energetic blocks.  

  • It’s purpose is to integrate body, mind, will and spirit in order to develop the capacity to love and to heal.  

  • The approach works to grow and evolve the whole person by connecting energy and consciousness through work in the physical body.  

  • It was developed by Dr.John Pierrakos, whose work was rooted in that of Wilhelm Reich.

  • Our vital life energy flow originates in our Core, this is the essence of who we are.  When it is flowing freely in our body, we are healthy; when it is blocked in our body, there is disease.

  • Negative energy, such as fear and anger, can be held in our physical and energetic bodies, and can cause physical and mental unwellness. 

  • The work of Core Energetics is to release these emotional blocks, defenses, and belief systems by working with the physical body.

“At Dea's workshop, I had the opportunity to really go into...the way I automatically react to emotional triggers. Then, from that place, slowly, step by step she guided me into a new way of physically moving with the trigger so that my response could be more of a choice. This workshop literally gave me the space to create my own healing dance that I will have with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dea for bringing this wonderful work to your people!”

- Christina Stout

“Moving Into Aliveness is a wonderful blend of therapy and movement. I was able to safely feel things come up and flow through my body, integrate and release in a safe group setting. It was healing and fun!”

- Kim Odell

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About Dea

Dea (dee-uh) Luvon has been sharing her love for movement and physical expression, by dancing wherever she is, and by teaching it for more than twenty years. She is a performer and choreographer as well. She teaches Contact Improvisation, Creative Movement, Movement for Grounding, whatever else strikes her fancy.  Dea lives and loves life with her husband and three children, seeking breath and play in their days.

As she danced and grew, more and more she realized how powerful movement was as mode of healing.  This led her to discover various methods that work in this way.  For the past two and a half years she has been studying at Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy, which has its roots in Core Energetics, and utilizes many Biodynamic Exercises.